Maxime Tournier

Post-doc researcher on robotics and character/physically-based animation.

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Research Interests

I'm interested in human motion in general, with an emphasis on the dynamic simulation and control of virtual human characters. Latest work include real-time stability analysis from a Kinect camera (PersoBalance project), and activity detection from smartphone accelerometers.

My Ph.D thesis presents a framework for dimension reduction of motion capture data that integrates easily with existing kinematic and dynamic animation systems. The resulting data-driven, reduced-dimension kinematic models produce quality animations at a smaller computational cost. Some example results can be seen below:

I am also interested in soft-tissue simulation and contact dynamics, and contributed to the SOFA simulation framework (mostly on the Compliant plug-in).

Main Publications

  • Stable Constrained Dynamics
  • Maxime Tournier, Matthieu Nesme, Benjamin Gilles, Fran├žois Faure
  • ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG), Proc. of ACM SIGGRAPH, 2015